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Fresh Sushi and Japanese Cuisine

Finest Japanese restaurant in Penfield, NY of Rochester
Sushi Roll
Sushi Rolls

 They can be raw or cooked, simple or complex. Wrapped in seaweed or soybean paper, they are cut into bite size pieces. Number of pieces range from 6-12. 

Sushi (Nigiri)
Sushi (Nigiri)

Traditional sushi with fish placed over seasoned sushi rice. Variety of choices from raw fish to cooked cooked eel or egg omelet. One piece per order.


 Three slices of fish, or other choices, per order. Sashimi emphasizes the true taste of fresh fish without the specially seasoned rice.


About Us

Sushi King, previously known as Kakachi, began serving food for customers in April 2011. Our restaurant is mainly family operated in the heart of the Town of Penfield. We strive to provide high quaility Japanese cuisine for all of our customers. As a family based business, we would also like to have you become part of our Sushi King family. Thank You for choosing us.


Quality is our priority. We try to ensure only the best for our customers. 

Sushi King 


Sushi King

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