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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Dear Customers,

With new changes due to the presence of Corona Virus within our community, there are some updates we have been implementing until things return to normal.

First, we would like to apologize for the recent issues with our website. There were some problems with the subscription as well as miscommunication. Our website now is up and running again.

Second, our hours of business have changed as we make new updates to our menu and business hours. Listed below are current options during your visit to the restaurant.

-Takeout Orders. May have a long wait due to sharp increase in business.

-Only the dinner menu will be available for selection at the moment.

-Online Orders will not be available due to the surge of orders during dinner time. Please call in orders.

-Dine in will be available. Please call to make a reservation for parties of 4 or more.

-We will open:

Tuesday-Thursday at approximately 3:00 pm and run business until 8:30 pm.

Friday-Saturday at approximately 3:00 pm and run business until 9:30 pm.

Sunday at approximately 3:00 pm and run business until 8:00 pm.

We apologize for these inconveniences. However, please understand that we are a small family business run primarily by 2-3 staff. There is a limit to the amount of orders which we can manage at a time. Orders will be accepted to a certain limit based on accommodation. Staff on shift are also putting themselves at risk of contracting any present illness. Please be conscious about personal hygiene and maintaining a safe distance from others. Thank You so much for your understanding and we wish you the best during this hardship.


Sushi King

Sushi King